How to Create an Ecourse and Market for Free

E-courses have become vital in online education. Primarily because it is a means of education virtually created with the same purpose as books and training videos hold. In short, e-courses enlighten minds through concise videos and/or written contents.

Truth be told, e-courses are becoming popular these days. It is found that e-courses are easier made than eBooks and much more profitable, averagely making 15x more than eBooks AND physical books do.


Where to Market?


Marketing is most likely the hardest issue every e-course creator faces afterward -- Where will I sell it? How can I garner people to check it out? What do I have to do to make sales?


When you are facing similar questions then know this,, an online learning platform has made a solution for you.


Mynaparrot will provide you a store where you may sell your e-courses to the community it holds. With the number of students the site has, it is bound to immediately make sales. Choose to sell in our store and we will instantly direct traffic to your ecourse.

Why choose Mynaparrot?

Features and advantages :

  1. No software installation needed. Work with browser.

  2. Cloud based and mobile responsive.

  3. Fast and secure. Rest assured, we will never share nor sell your e-courses to third party without your consent.

  4. Free of charge.

  5. Consumers readily available within the site.

  6. Last and certainly not the least, Mynaparrot will provide a means for you to create your video e-course and again, for free.


How Mynaparrot e-Course creation takes place:

prof class.jpg


Step 1: Preparation. Work out a powerpoint presentation of your course. Nothing too fancy but make sure it is lively and understandable.


Step 2: Login to Mynaparrot’s Virtual Classroom and set up your audio and video settings properly. We recommend you use Firefox or Chrome.


Step 3: Upload your presentation file (we recommend the .pdf format). If you want the presentation done with a webcam, please start your camera as well.


Step 4: Proceed to the start page of your course and click recording.


Step 5: Do the lesson recording as if you were in an actual classroom.


Step 6: Stop recording when you finish. This will automatically save your video to our database.


Step 7: You will receive your e-course within 30 minutes on your mailbox or member area.


At Mynaparrot you can make the most of your products; with the free classroom to record your e-course, free spot at the store to sell, and already available traffic, nothing is better than these.

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