How and Why: The Essentials of Creating a Quiz

Quizzes have been known to everyone as something given and taken to evaluate one’s understanding of a subject or course. Although this may be true, they also give students an increased level in anxiety. But despite that setback, quizzes are always more inclined to positive results.


A quiz can be given for many reasons, it is not merely for evaluation purposes. It may be given to provide insight into how and where the course may lead to. It can also be used by the students themselves to assess their improvement. And most importantly, it is a means of challenging the minds of the students, after all, a great mind once said “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” (Einstein)

Mynaparrot’s Online Quizzes are created for the sole purpose of encouraging one to take them, and rest assured the benefits will surge through. Mynaparrot’s quiz features will make the learning process much easier for both teacher and student. The features are as essential as the quiz content itself, for without them the quiz will end up dull and unmotivating.


Mynaparrot’s Online Quiz Features:

  1. Mobile Friendly

Not just looks but also works great on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

  1. Multiple Question Types

Supports images, checkboxes, radio buttons, grids, text boxes, rich text boxes and more.

  1. Advanced Reports

Excellent report tools to keep track of your quiz with CSV download support.

  1. Quiz Ratings

Add 5 star ratings system to your quizzes and make the quiz feature more interesting.

  1. Tagging System

Flexible tagging allows more organized content, and explore questions with ease and style.

  1. WYSIWYG Editor

Get full control on what you write. Use your Joomla® WYSIWYG editor or bundled BBCode editor.

  1. Answers with Rationaleforum-27450_640.png

Display a detailed rationale of the correct answer of every quizzes' questions, this is vital for the students' knowledge and developed problem solving skills.

  1. Questions & Pagination

Create unlimited questions, group them in unlimited number of pages and describe each page with a page header.

  1. Email Notifications

Get informed on new quizzes and quiz responses, stay up-to date.

  1. Front-end Quiz Creation

Allows you/your users to create quizzes right from the front-end using Ajax powered Web 2.0 form builder, backed by powerful ACL.

  1. Social Sharing

Don't let the free traffic go away. Make most of the social networks with Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, Google +1 buttons etc.




How to make a Mynaparrot Online Quiz:

Step 1: Prepare your quizzes’ contents: Questions, Choices, Answers and Rationale.

Step 2: Open the web app of Mynaparrot Quiz

Step 3: Choose the question type and paste your content.

Step 4: Publish and share.


Publishing your quiz at Mynaparrot not only benefits the students but it will also greatly increase your traffic to your e-courses or your virtual products sold at the store. The quiz may serve as a pre-test, which will give students a preview of your products, leading them into signing up for your course or buying your eProducts.


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