What is an online course, and which one do you want?

Online courses are currently a hot topic, and are becoming a trend in the education sector. We classify these as real-time online classes, or e-courses. Ultimately, they come under the umbrella of online learning.

This is something that is more flexible and feasible for the majority of students who have to juggle more than one thing at once, such as a job, a family and so on.

In this blog, we’re going to delve a bit deeper into the world of online learning, and hopefully give you an insight into what it is.

E-courses, firstly, are not real time. These are often live videos that include real people, but are pre-recorded as short snippets which can then be accessed by students as and when it is suitable for them. On top of this, some e-courses (like ours) use other resources and combine them together to make an enriching learning experience.

Examples include practice quizzes and test questions that can be used in conjunction with the lessons. The advantage of this is you can often access these types of resources offline in a downloadable format. So you can be connected in an internet café for a short period of time to download everything you need, then use the info on the go and ‘watch offline’ if you like.

Although these things all sound great, they are still not powerful enough individually to make a difference. They are still independent working cogs which somewhat need to fit together. We need a system that will connect them together better than ever before!